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On the deed, the state of North Carolina does not require the amount paid for a package to be shown on the deed. However, a tax stamp of $2 per $1,000 value will be affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the office of the Surry County Register of Deed include:

– Kathy M. Mayes, Phillip Culbert Mayes, Keith Alton Martin, Vivian Martin, Karen Lawson and Lester Everette Lawson to Kathy M. Mayes and Phillip Culbert Mayes; two tracts Mount Airy; $80.

– Marion D. May and Sharon Lee May to Donovan M. May; Lot 77 Phase II Orchard Mountain Development PB 10 125 Franklin; $0.

– Estate of Michael Raye Easter, Leah Easter and Michael Raye Easter to Spencer Easter; quitclaim deed 3.97 acres tract one PB 22 28 Mount Airy Estate of Michael Raye Easter; $0.

– Kingstone Investments, LLC to Rimak, LLC; 0.770 acres lot 2 PB 40 158; $140.

– Curtis Dean Hunter and Lou Anne W. Hunter to Bethany Hunter; 3,385 acres PB 41 89-90 Westfield; $0.

– Scott & Creed Salt & Feed, LLC to Double Mountain Construction, LLC; 18.52 acres; $700.

– Suzanne S. Wood and Jackie Alan Wood to Jobe Gavin Angel and Katelyn Danielle Holt; 1.39 acres Property 1 Section 3 Knollwood Subdivision PB 11 172 Stewarts Creek; $430.

– Joseph Dillon Hawks to Kevin Dale Hawks and Cheryl Sparger Hawks; 4,518 acres property 1 Small subdivision of Joseph Dillon Hawks PB 40 199 Dobson; $0.

– NC Blueline Properties, LLC to David Craig Stanley and Donna Sumner Stanley; Lot 1 PB 41 72 Lumber Plant Road Franklin; $120.

– Kingstone Investments, LLC to Rimak, LLC; 0.872 acres lot 3 PB 40 158; $140.

– Terri Lynn Eads to John Stanley Eads; 10,004 acres Dobson; $390.

– Estate of Gary Ellis Kirkman, Linda Kirkman Doss, Lavonda B. Kirkman, Justin Kirkman, Abigail Kirkman and Gary Ellis Kirkman to Amy Key Hall; Lot 10 and 11 Block A Mount Airy estate of Gary Ellis Kirkman; $270.

– Simple Housing Solutions by NC, LLC, Melinda Hope Haynes, Chase Melton, Timothy Haynes and Jeremy Chase Melton to Joy Property Investments, LLC; tract; $0.

– JDP Zephyr, LLC to Yesenia Carapia and Pedro Gomez; tract Bryan; $106.

– Sharon Hackler Cundiff to Emily Snavely and Eric Snavely; 2,004 acres PB 41 102 Impala Lane Mount Airy; $54.

– Estate of Eleanor G. Powell, Kathy Powell Smith, Chuckie Talmage Smith, Linda Kay Powell and Eleanor Powell to Reed W. Ell and Angela M. Ell; Lot 99 Eugene G. Smith Property PB 4 40 1 136 Mount Airy; $410.

– Jay Howard Sherrill and Sheila Simmons Sherrill to Penny Lou Olson Revocable Trust and Penny Lou Olson; 1,730 acres PB 33 68 and PB 41 111 Mount Airy; $35.

– Gary Dean Hutchens and Diane T. Hutchens to Juan Loredo Adame Jr.; 0.9593 acres area two PB 28 181 Longhill; $0.

– Estate of Farrah Smith Davis, David Smith and Farrah Smith Davis to Terry R. Hawks and Lisa Carole Hawks; 0.424 acres Mount Airy Estate by Farrah Smith Davis 22 SP 171; $356.

– Twain Lee Atkins to Tyler Dean Samuels, Scarlett Nicole Samuels, Jerry D. Samuels and Lesa L. Samuels; 1,125 acres of Eldora; $7.

– Redoak Development, LLC to Brody Landon Gentry and Chole Rebecca Deneke Gentry; 0.344 acres Area 1 PB 21 112 and Lots 78-79 Safety Harbor Subdivision PB 1 74 Mount Airy; $25.

– Emma Mahala Mooney and Caleb Seth Mooney to Candy Sue Bodenhamer Lowe; 2,220 acres property three PB 32 140 Rockford; $0.

– Curtis Dean Hunter and Lou Ann W. Hunter to Blaine Hunter; 2,130 acres PB 33 178 Westfield; $0.

– William Clay Draughn and Faye H. Draughn to Savannah Marie Draughn; 1,016 acres PB 41 113 South Westfield; $0.

– Jeanette Brown Parks and Harold Michael Parks to Ashley Nicole Sewell and Eli Corbin Blevins; Block one 2,290 square feet and block two Lot 52 Mount View Height PB 3 99 and block three 0.23 acres Bryan; $260.

– Gerald Lee Ramey and Kelly Ramey Hiatt to Whittney Noelle Anthony; 0.57 acres Mount Airy; $180.

– NC, LLC’s Mayberry Properties to Gwendolyn Patricia Harrelson Martin; Lot 10 PB 6 17 Mount Airy; $190.

– Jerel Gray Gordon to Old Banner Properties, LLC; 27, 285 square feet Pilot; $400.

– Sharon Lowe, Mary Lou Martin, Matthew Martin and Penny Martin to David P. Lowe; Commissioner’s Deed 1,012 acres Stewarts Creek File 21 SP 188; $16.

– Gary Dean Hutchens and Diane T. Hutchens to Juan Lorado Adame Jr.; 3.0135 acres area one PB 28 181 Longhill; $117.

– Savannah R. Hodges and Andrew Utt to James Alexander Bright; Lot 10 Phase 1 Ridge View Estates PB 21 93 Dobson; $378.

– Estate of Ruby Johnson Joyce, Jeffrey B. Joyce, Ruby Johnson Joyce and Julia C. Joyce to Greg Leon Dillard and Molly M. Dillard; Tract Elkin estate of Ruby Johnson Joyce; $46.

– Dusty Slate, Sheena Slate and Glenda Dowell Slate to Cossie Ayers; tract Stewarts Creek; $70.

– Lilian S. Calary, Charles William Crispens Calary Jr. and Pamela Miller Calary to Alyson Elizabeth Shelton; lots 18-20 block C section Hamburg PB 4 91 Mount Airy; $14.

– Regina Blackburn Reavis to Mark G. Greene; 13.8 acres Bryan; $300.

– Charles Fletcher, Charles Fletcher Sr. and Betty Harris Fletcher to Joshua P. Hart and Amanda D. Hart; tract one 6,400 acres PB 41 106 and tract two Bryan; $80.

– Timothy H. Hauser and Patsy K. Hauser Joint Revocable Trust, Timothy H. Hauser and Patsy K. Hauser to Carole H. Coon; 0.1069 acres of shallows; $1.

– Sharrell M. Coalson and Angel Ayers Coalson to Mark Edward Shelton; tract one 2.30 acres and tract two 8.70 acres Eldora; $156.

– Robert Michael Chase Perkey and Kristan Lanette Perkey to Don’l Blevins II and Candace Blevins; 10.0 acres; $200.

-Amy L. Welch to Justin E. Smeltzer and Hanna Beck Smeltzer; Lot 29 Section II Woodcreek Subdivision PB 8 101 127 Hooks Drive Mount Airy Long Hill; $284.

– Harold Michael Parks Jr. and Kandice Janel Parks to Harold Michael Parks and Jeannette Brown Parks; 0.23 acres Bryan; $0.

– Cory James Craddock and Emily Craddock to James Andrew Craddock and Sheila Cromer Craddock; 1.00 acre portion of lot 22 PB 3 51 South Westfield; $0.

– Scotty Dale Parsons to Misti Lynn Burnette; 1,026 acres PB 20 177 and PB 31 149 Mount Airy; $346.

– Clay McDuffie Dulaney to Kari Fisher and Alex Fisher; 4,266 acres of Eldora; $680.

– The Scott and Mary Rigney Living Trust, Scott Anthony Rigney and Mary Linda Foy Rigney to Randall Owen Poole, Randy Owen Poole and Juel H. Poole; Block One 1,020 Acres and Block Two Property 39 Riverside Acres PB 6 75 Mount Airy; $836.

-Jeffrey Frye to John C. Arnett and Susan C. Arnett; tract Stewarts Creek; $427.

– NC Blueline Properties, LLC to Delaina Byrd Hernandez and Lazaro Hernandez Lopez; Lot 2 PB 41 72 Lumber Plant Road Franklin; $120.

– R & J Tree Service, Inc. to Evan M. Goldberg and Amy Clark Goldberg; tract; $170.

– Randy Michael Bledsoe, Steva Hardy Bledsoe, Paul R. Bledsoe and Nancy Cochrane to Abigail N. Wall and Samuel G. Wall; 0.75 acre Rockford; $386.

– Estate of Evan Leif Tonnesen, Evan Tor Tonnesen, Brooke Renate Tonnesen and Evan L. Tonnesen to Evan Tor Tonnesen; 3,677 acres and tract Dobson estate of Evan Leif Tonnesen File 18 E 620; $248.

– Judy Weddle, Timothy Weddle, Bonnie Galyean, Donald Galyean, Lisa Edwards and Tammy Edwards to Opal M. Edwards; tract; $0.

– Remona Faye Durham Sollenberger and Joseph Franklin Sollenberger, Ronnie Gray Durham, Mary Browne Durham, Randall Dwight Durham, Bambi Bonita Durham, Sheila Durham and Richard Wayne Durham Sr. to Robyn Durham Haignere and Eugene Franklin Haignere; Lots 13-15 Block D Graves Heights Development PB 3 158 Mount Airy; $100.

– Real People Real Homes, LLC to Hardman Nine, LLC; Lot 7 Block 1 Main Street; $160.

– Pilot Mountain Rescue and EMS, Inc. to Big Creek Properties, LLC; Block one 11,895 square feet and block two 7.84 acres PB 26 78; $296.

– Independence Lumber, Inc. to Woodgrain, Inc.; Block One Lots 2-9, 21 and 24 PB 6 159 Block Two 0.983 acres Elkin; $3,664.

– Jeffrey Lynn Pomeroy Jr. and Jennifer Pomeroy to Terry And Irene Family Trust, Terry Coe and Irene Coe; 1 acre of swamp; $100.

– Midland Trust Company, Kathryn Edwards and Loren Edwards to David P. Snow and Kari N. Snow; Lots 12 and 13 1,376 Acres Mountain Park Section 2 PB 3 23 Bryan; $260.

– Carl E. Bell and Jane L. Bell to Anne Jessup Rogers; 1.0 acre Westfield; $24.

Updated: September 19, 2022 — 5:38 pm

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