Cost of living in Dubai 2013 - Calculator

Last update: 27 January 2013

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1. Housing

How many bedrooms do you need?

What kind of housing/location do you prefer?

Keep in mind that the housing prices on this page are market averages for the typical locations according to one of the most popular classifieds website. The prices may slightly vary throughout Dubai though.


No ameneties, potentially in the middle of the desert. Based on an average price in International City

Relatively cheap housing (e.g. International City)


Pool in the building, parking, good location. Based on an average price in Dubai Marina

Fair housing (Dubai Marina)


All amenities, “expat” location. Based on an average price in The Old Town & JBR

Expat housing (Old Town)


All amenities, good location. Based on an average price in Jumeirah. Min 2 bedrooms

Villas (The Green Community, Jumeirah)
Rent: annually or monthly
Utilities: annually or monthly
Internet/TV: annually or monthly

2. Transportation

The reality is that you cannot really live without a car here as there is almost no convenient transport infrastructure except for taxi.

Transportation costs are given on an assumption you only have one car in the family and you buy it taking a loan from a bank for 5 years with no downpayment. So, basically the monthly cost is the installment + 5% car price/year for insurance.

Car prices are estimates for a 1 year old car with low miliage, dealer's warranty, driven by an expat.

If you don't want to buy a car, consider renting one. The rent price for a Toyota Yaris will be around 1700 AED / month.

What class of car do you want to drive?

Car cost: annually or monthly
Fuel: annually or monthly

3. Living cost

Rougly this money should be enough for you to buy groceries, meat, vegetables, fruit, fresh juices and other good quality products. It will also be enough for eating in a cafe once a week.

Your family size:

Living cost: annually or monthly
Your salary should be at least per year
or per month to afford what you've selected

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